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Dinner Timer Lite is an easy to use timer for the kitchen PC with customise your alarm sounds
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27 August 2008

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Want to know that in how much time you cook your food or having a competition and want exact time for completing the task? DinnerTimer Lite software is a perfect cooking timer that would give you features that would help you to have the exact time figures. It shows the time and timer is easy to start and stop with different other features.

Download the DinnerTimer Lite software and install it at your system to get started when required. The software would appear on PC screen in a small form that looks decently pleasant. It shows up the time and two options below to start and stop the timer whenever required. You can set the timer duration through the ‘Settings’ option on the menu bar. Have the event times feature set for default timer run point, end point close warning time, etc. Have the program set at the top or enable to send to the system tray on close or minimize. If you want to keep it on the top that it appears with all the other applications, you can set the opacity level to have a proper look at the other ones. You have the notifications in different forms for that you need to enable or disable notifiers. You can have the sound and bubble notifiers selected together or set them as you like. Start the timer and the notification shows at the system tray that it had been started. The time and the progress bar are shown on the screen of the program. The first icon fades and the second one appears clear for stopping the timer whenever you want. Select the time limit from the top right drop down menu showing the numbers. The software has a online help guide for providing any help.

The software DinnerTimer Lite deserves to be rated at the 3.5 points as it has easy to use features and for the sharp performance. Get the software for notifying the time at the time of cooking that for how long you need to cook a particular dish.

Publisher's description

Dinner Timer Lite is an easy to use timer for the kitchen PC, choose from different built in alarm sounds including Cow moo, air horn, buzzers, a chainsaw as well as many other or use your own sounds.
Dinner Time Lite has a unique after burn timer, where it keeps track of how long over the set time you have gone, so when you give your cooking that extra minute its easy to measure. You can also receive two extra notifications to remind you that you are still cooking.
The bubble notification allows you to receive notifications from Dinner Timer Lite through a bubble at the notification area should you have the sound turned down.
Keep your friends up-to-date with your dinning status by using the optional built in Twitter notification, let Dinner Timer Lite post when you start the timer, how long for, when dinners about to be ready and when it's ready. When you stop the timer it can post a message telling your friends you are off to dinner, or with the unique after burn timer let your friends know you've bunrt your dinner again.
Both the bubble and Twitter notifications use a text replacement template so you can include details of time remaining and when the dinner will be ready in the notification.
Using configurable transparency you can run Dinner Timer Lite on-top of other applications without obscuring the view. Have that recipe open with Dinner Timer Lite on-top and still read the recipe whilst keeping an eye on the time.
Configurable time options means that not only can you type in a time and hit start but you can also pre-define cooking times and give them a name. e.g. You could add a 12 minute timer and call it Pizza. Then when you select Pizza from the time options and press start the time will automatically start for 12 minutes.
Dinner Timer Lite isn't limited just to the kitchen, it can be used any where a countdown timer is needed. Dinner Timer Lite is freeware, please download and install as often as you like for FREE.
DinnerTimer Lite
DinnerTimer Lite
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